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Collaborative Family Law Attorneys in Naperville, Illinois

When a couple decides to end their marriage usually litigation follows shortly behind. However, collaborative law is a new option for spouses hoping to reach an amicable agreement with the help of their attorneys. Each client and both attorneys commit to resolving the issues surrounding the divorce without litigating in court. This process differs from mediation, where couples work together on their own terms by utilizing a "neutral" third party mediator, who may not be able to offer legal advice during the negotiation process.

In a collaborative law divorce case, married couples usually want to avoid protracted litigation, while still maintaining representation by highly skilled attorneys and access to various professional consultants such as psychologists, business appraisers, and accountants.

At Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. in Naperville, Illinois, our family law attorneys have the knowledge, training and experience in the areas of collaborative law. We can help you settle your divorce through a series of settlement conferences while helping you to achieve your objectives in the divorce. We diligently fight to protect our clients' interests, while striving to find an agreeable divorce solution, favorable to both parties.

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Collaborative Law Attorneys to Resolve Your Divorce in Naperville

At Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C., we prepare our clients on what to expect during the collaborative divorce proceeding. Each of the attorneys will sit down with their clients, who will agree to work out the details of their divorce settlement through the collaborative process only, without the threat of litigation.

If either side cannot reach an agreeable divorce settlement or if one side decides to go to court, then both attorneys on each side must withdraw and cannot be used again to represent the parties. However, many couples find the collaborative law process a lot less antagonistic than a traditional divorce, and find that their divorces were amicably resolved in a matter of months as opposed to years, which makes collaborative law less expensive than litigation.

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If you want to resolve your divorce without the pressure of publicly having to settle your marital disputes in court, hire a collaborative law attorney at Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. We represent clients in DuPage County, Cook County, Kane County, Kendall County and Will County in all matters of family law.

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