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DuPage County Divorce Through Mediation

Many couples who have filed for a divorce in Illinois are be required by a judge to try and work out any child custody or parental responsibility issues or conflicts over property division through mediation. In some cases, couples may actually prefer going through the mediation process, since it offers more privacy and confidentiality to quietly settle family disputes outside of a public courtroom, based on mutual agreements devised between the two parties.

With the help of an experienced family law attorney, who is specially trained in the art of mediation and who can act as a neutral third party, spouses may have a better chance at peacefully resolving their disputes, without the high costs of litigation.

Find a DuPage County Divorce Attorney Skilled in Mediation to Offer You Legal Advice Contact Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. at (630) 665-7676 today.

Divorce Representation and Mediation

The law firm of Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. can provide you with skilled attorneys and mediators, should you have questions about how the law in Illinois works, or as it concerns the process of settling your divorce through mediation. In order to make effective decisions that you and your spouse can agree on, a family lawyer can be your most valuable resource to having a successful outcome in mediation that won't sacrifice your values.

Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. has extensive family law experience in handling all types of divorce proceedings. We can represent clients looking for other alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) that mediation and collaborative law can offer. Sometimes mediation can accommodate couples better than litigated, court-ordered rulings by a judge that can cause future conflicts and the need for expensive post-divorce modifications.

Find a Mediation Attorney in Naperville, Illinois

If you are looking for an attorney who can offer you legal advice and help you settle your divorce through mediation, contact Sullivan Taylor and Gumina, P.C. so that you can transition with confidence and security from your marriage. We can be reached at our Naperville office location in DuPage County at (630) 665-7676. We also represent clients in Cook County, Kane County, Kendall County and Will County.

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