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Home The Firm Attorneys Maureen Sullivan Taylor Juli Gumina Emily Carrara Joseph Emmerth Sean McCumber Anique Drouin Raiford D. Palmer Laura Baldwin Michael R. Hudzik Anthony E. Vechiola Elliot Heidelberger Melissa Kuffel Practice Areas Divorce Family Law Child Related Issues Child & Spousal Support Child Custody and Visitation Property Division Business Evaluation Division of Debt in Divorce Adoption Parentage Prenuptial Agreements Domestic Partnerships Post Divorce Modifications Domestic Violence Restraining Protection Orders Collaborative Law Protecting Investments Mediation Child Relocation International Divorce High Net Worth Parental Responsibilities (Child Custody) Divorce Planning Articles & Media In The News Articles Virtual Visitation Rethinking Child Custody Evaluations How Does Mediation Work? Illinois Divorce Law Changes for 2016 Panel Discussion on the Business of Family Law in Chicagoland DNA Paternity Testing in Illinois Handling College Tuition After Divorce Taxes and High-Net Worth Parental Responsibilities and Relocation from Illinois How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Your Children How To Handle a Gray Divorce: What Are The Challenges? Stepparent Adoptions in Illinois The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem What Happens when your Former Spouse Does Not Pay Child Support? Amicable Divorce: Why you Still Need a Lawyer Domestic Violence Awareness What Rights Do Grandparents Have During the Holidays? How Can a Divorce Affect your Credit Rating? Videos Virtual Visitation Video: Our Attorneys Discuss Family Law Video: Pre-Nuptial Agreements Video: Pre-Nuptial Agreements II Video: Illinois Asset Protection Attorney Video: Illinois Child Support Lawyer Video: Illinois Maintenance and Alimony Lawyer Video: Illinois Domestic Partnership Attorney Video: Illinois Adoption Attorney Video: Illinois High Asset Divorce Attorney Video: Illinois Business Valuations Lawyer Video: Collaborative Law Rethinking Child Custody Evaluations - A Paradigm Shift: Introducing ‘The Chicago Model’ How Does Mediation Work? What is the Role of a Forensic Accountant in a Divorce? Illinois Divorce Law Changes for 2016 DNA Paternity Testing in Illinois Handling College Tuition After Divorce Taxes and High-Net Worth Parental Responsibilities and Relocation from Illinois How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Your Children How To Handle a Gray Divorce: What Are The Challenges? Stepparent Adoptions in Illinois The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem What Happens when your Former Spouse Does Not Pay Child Support? Amicable Divorce: Why you Still Need a Lawyer Domestic Violence Awareness What Rights Do Grandparents Have During the Holidays? How Can a Divorce Affect your Credit Rating? Blog Divorce and Your Credit - Mitigating the Risks Navigating the Complexities of Embryo Adoption Marriage and Money: Preventative Measures That Can Protect Your Finances in the Event of a Divorce Separating Emotion from the Financial Aspects of Divorce May Improve Outcomes New Study Finds Children Benefit Most When They Spend Equal Time with Divorced Parents Awareness Can Decrease Your Risk of Addiction and Mental Illness after Divorce Alaska Passes Unprecedented Law Regarding the Ownership of Animals in Divorce Proceedings Unraveling Your Finances in Divorce Amicable Divorce and an Effective Parenting Plan Are Critical for Parents with Special Needs Children How to Avoid Some of the Most Common Divorce Blunders How You Talk to Children About Divorce Can Make a Difference in How Well They Adjust Tips for Making Your Divorce an Amicable One Overcoming the Fear of Filing for Divorce Preparing for the Adoption of an Older Child Premarital Agreements in Illinois Creating a Parenting Plan That Works for Your Family Divorce Rates Rise After the Holidays - What You Should Know Before You File How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce Judge Upholds the Treatment of Animals as Property in Divorce Planning Ahead Can Ease the Stress of Co-Parenting During the Holidays Is an Alimony Award Really in Your Best Interest? The Answer May Surprise You Prenuptial Agreements to Protect Intellectual Property on the Rise Among Millennials Overcoming the Continued Complications of a Same-Sex Divorce Creating New Holiday Traditions Can Help Children Cope with Divorce Top Reasons to Choose Mediation for Your Divorce Courts Continue to Rule that Embryos Are Property, Not People Understanding and Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children Parents Choosing Surrogacy Should Understand Their Legal Rights Viral Post-Divorce Flower Delivery Shows a Peaceful Split is Possible Dealing with Complex Child-Related Issues in Illinois Nesting Parenting Plans – When Children Get the House in Divorce Mediation May Help to Lessen the Pain and Trauma of Divorce Tips for Creating a Happy, Blended Family Divorce Basics: Should You Keep Your Ex’s Last Name After Divorce? Child’s Age May Influence Their Needs and Reaction to Divorce – Help Them Cope at Any Stage Know What to Do in Case Domestic Violence Occurs Prenuptial Agreements Could Help Ward Off Pet Ownership Feuds in Divorce Considerations That Retiring Divorcees Should Make When Untying the Knot Relocating with Your Child After an Illinois Divorce Tips for Minimizing Stress During Your Divorce Illinois Offers Workplace Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence Understanding the Basics of Spousal Support in Illinois Preparing for Adoption: Understanding the Home Study Process Could Divorce Actually Boost Happiness in the Long Run? Understanding the Basics of Child Support in Illinois Children Continue to Reap Benefits from Recent Family Law Changes in Illinois Despite Initial Regrets, Most Divorcees Feel They Made the Right Decision Selling the Family Home in Divorce A Prenuptial Agreement May Not Cover All Aspects of Your Divorce Helping Children Cope During and After Divorce Taking Care of Your Health After Divorce: Avoid the Effects of the "Divorce Diet" Asset Division in an Illinois Divorce: Understanding Equitable Distribution Pregnant and Planning on Filing for Divorce? Here is What You Need to Know Most Common Money Mistakes Couples Make During Divorce (and How to Avoid Them) In High Conflict Marriages, Divorce May Be Better for Children Than Staying Together Making the Most of Your Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits Protecting Your Financial Future in a Gray Divorce What You Need to Know About Business Valuation in Divorce Developing a Parenting Plan That Works for Your Family Protecting Yourself From Domestic Violence During Divorce Proceedings Should You File for Bankruptcy Before You File for Divorce? What Does it Mean to be Legally Separated in Illinois? Think About Retirement During Your Divorce Consequences of Not Paying Court-Ordered Child Support Is Surrogacy Right for You? Private vs. Agency Adoptions Using a Public Place for Parenting Time Exchanges What to Discuss in Your First Meeting with an Illinois Divorce Attorney Three Reasons to Get a Financial Advisor During Your Divorce Changing Your Name After a Divorce Relearning Illinois Child Custody Vocabulary When Mental Health Issues Arise During a Custody Dispute Handling Credit Card Debt in a Divorce Business Evaluations During Divorce A Question from Divorced Parents: Who Pays for College? Signs of Financial Fraud During Your Divorce Your Options When You Do Not Receive Child Support Turning Parenting Time Into a Smooth Process Divorce Preparation: How to Approach Your Spouse About a Divorce The Benefits of a Divorce Lawyer During Mediation Fighting Parental Alienation Keep Your Divorce Private What Happens to the Family Pet in a Divorce? Filing for a Divorce When Your Spouse is Deployed Does Workers’ Compensation Qualify As Child Support Income? Back to the Basics: How Can I Get a Divorce in Illinois? Changing Your Spousal Support Obligations The Difference Between Adoption and Guardianship Non-Marital Property, Commingling, and the Right of Reimbursement Divorce: Planning and Preparation for Your New Beginning The Concept of the Five Stages of Grief: Experiencing the Loss of a Marriage Breaking Adoption Myths Child Custody and Tax Dependency Exemptions Protecting Your Privacy and Your Assets in a High-Net Worth Divorce Four Tools to Keep Your Illinois Divorce Amicable Coping With Losing Your Allocation of Parental Rights Case How Do You Plan For a Divorce? How Illinois Family Law Mediation Works Will the Court Let You Move With Your Child? Testifying in Court Three Divorce Myths You Probably Believe When Should an Unmarried Couple Head to Court to Deal With Parenting Issues? Is Your Spouse Wasting Assets? What Goes Into the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities? Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Legalization: Why Domestic Partnerships Didn’t Die Understanding Debt in an Illinois Divorce When Your Illinois Family Law Case Does Not Go Your Way Understanding the Power of Parenting Time Coordinators Special Considerations in High-Net Worth Divorces How to Prepare for a Custody Evaluation Common Sense Reasons for Getting an Illinois Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement Getting Divorced After Age 50 How Domestic Violence Impacts Divorce and Custody Cases What Happens to a Personal Injury Settlement in a Divorce? When a Stepparent Needs Custody of a Child Will I Have to Pay Alimony? Changing the Narrative: Making Divorce a Positive Step Forward The Divorce Discovery Process Marital Property in Illinois What Illinois’s New Family Law Changes Mean for Collaborative Divorce What Impacts How Long it Takes to Get a Divorce in Illinois? What Happens When the Judge Appoints a Guardian Ad Litem? Self-Employment and Divorce Managing Parenting Time During the Holidays Getting Modifications After a Divorce Protecting Special Needs Children in Divorce and Custody Cases Settling a Divorce Before the Trial: What You Should Know Tax Issues in High Net Worth Divorces Common Questions about Illinois Child Support How Addictions Affect Divorce How Does Social Media Affect Your Divorce Case? Illinois Law and International Custody Disputes How Does a Divorce Work When the Spouses Live in Different States? What is the Standard for being an Unfit Parent for Child Custody in Illinois? Divorce and the Family Business Can You Have Custody of the Family Pet in an Illinois Divorce? Sorting Out Commingled Property in an Illinois Divorce Do Illinois Grandparents Have Visitation Rights? Illinois Family Law Changes: Should I Wait to File for Divorce? Factors that Affect Alimony during Dissolution of Marriage Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce Ashley Madison Hack and Divorces: A Legal View Facilitating Stepparent Adoptions in Illinois Family Law Update Part IV: S.B. 57, Child Support, College Expenses and Maintenance Family Law Update Part III: S.B. 57 and Changes to Child Custody Reproductive Technologies Raise Sticky Family Law Issues Is a Concealed Prior Marriage Grounds for Annulment? My Ex-Spouse is Not Complying with the Divorce Judgment or Order Was My Marriage Legal? Family Law Update Part II: Senate Bill 57 and Divorce Requirement Changes Family Law Update: Illinois Senate Bill 57 and its Impact on Divorce, Custody and Support Unique Divorce Issues in Military Families Stepparent Visitation Rights Family Law Mediation Leaving the State with Your Child after a Divorce Same-Sex Marriage Decision: How Will it Impact Illinois Couples? Orders of Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence Law Firm Moves to Naperville Office What is Abandonment? Will I Get Stuck with My Spouse’s Debt? Who Can Get “Alimony” or Maintenance? Does Cheating Affect a Divorce’s Outcome? How Grandparents Can Obtain Visitation Rights in Illinois Social Media Plays a Role in Divorce Guardianships of Minor Children When Does Illinois Have Jurisdiction Over Child Custody Matters? Legal Separation in Illinois Domestic Abuse Findings Can Affect Gun Rights When Can Parental Rights be Terminated? What Can You Do if Your Ex is not Honoring Your Visitation Rights? How Property is Divided in Illinois Relocating a Child after Divorce House Bill 3079: An Illinois Adoption Bill What Actually is in the Best Interests of a Child? Donors Must Carefully Follow Law to Avoid Child Support Obligations What Happens When a Parent Lies about Income in a Child Support Case? Illinois Protects Sexual Assault Survivors from Custody Battles How Parent and Child Relationships are Established Illinois Does Not Recognize Functional Parent Theories Not Every Custody Situation Calls for a Designated “Primary Residence” Illinois Legislature Considering Changes to Divorce Law New Spouse Income: Does it Affect an Educational Expense Obligation? As Circumstances Change, So Can Child Support What Happens When an Employer Fails to Withhold Child Support? Converting a Civil Union into a Marriage Using the Putative Father Registry to Protect Parental Rights “Re-Homing” Can be Illegal and Dangerous—Why Adoption is Better Domestic Violence Survivors Can Keep Their Addresses Confidential Paternity Time Limits Emancipation of Minors: The So-Called Divorcing of One's Parents Back Child Support: What Happens When a Non-Paying Parent Dies? Moving Out of State With a Child after Divorce Dividing Marital Property in a Divorce Reviewing the Facts When Considering Adoption What You Need to Know about Common Law Marriage Avoiding Parental Kidnapping Child Custody Arrangements: What Are the Grounds for a Change? Artificial Insemination and Parentage Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence Laws Increase in Stay-at-Home Dads May Lead to a Shift in Primary Custody Annulments: The Invalidity of a Marriage Failure to Pay Child Support Can Result in Arrest Illinois' Uniform Premarital Agreement Act Gestational Surrogacy: Not Quite a Form of Adoption Issues Related to High Net Worth Divorces The Role of an Adoption Lawyer in the Adoption Process Contributing to a Child’s College Expenses after Divorce Sometimes Grandparents Are Entitled to Visitation Rights Escaping an Abusive Relationship The Importance of Saving for Retirement Dealing with Divorce and Children during the Holidays Emancipation: When is it Time to Grow up? Money Arguments: Ways Avoid a Financial Wedge in a Marriage The Importance of Adequate Visitation with Both Parents Increased Child Support for Children with Disabilities Understanding Domestic Partnerships in Illinois Illinois Visitation Rights: How Divorce Impacts Grandma and Grandpa Challenges Faced in Child Custody Battles National Adoption Day: Celebrating Forever Families Establishing Legal Paternity in Illinois Does My Child Have a Voice in Court? Why Do Some Marriages End? Domestic Violence in Illinois Common Issues in High-Net Worth Divorces The Importance of a Well Drafted Prenuptial Agreement Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce Adopting a Child as a Stepparent When Are You Eligible for An Annulment in Illinois? Types of Alimony Awarded in Illinois Divorce Determining the Best Interests of the Child Premarital Counseling May Help Lower the Odds of Divorce Recovering Overdue Child Support Payments in Illinois The Role of Temporary Restraining Orders in Domestic Abuse Cases Divorce Challenges Experienced after Several Years of Marriage Grounds for Pursuing a Divorce The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Child Custody Cases Marital Assets: What Can Divorce Mean for Your Business? What is Alienation of Affection? What Has Led to a Decrease in Divorce Rates Since the 1960s? Child Visitation: Why It's So Important Holiday Parenting Schedule Helps Divorced Couples and Children The Importance of Working with an Accredited Adoption Agency Relocating a Child to Another State from Illinois Collaborative Divorce: Saving Time and Hardship Excessive Facebook Use May Fuel Divorce The Dangers of Domestic Abuse and Battered Woman’s Syndrome Parents Have Options When They Can’t Make Child Support Payments Your First Amendment Right: Freedom of Religion for You & Your Child Emancipation: When a Child No Longer Needs Your Support Can Women be Required to Pay Alimony After a Divorce? Why it is Important to Establish Paternity The Division of Debt During a Divorce Fathers and Child Custody Doing the Math: The Division of Corporate Marital Property The Extended Family: Visitation Rights of Non-Parental Relatives Illinois Adoption - Part 3: Living Happily Ever After Illinois Adoption - Part 2: The Process Illinois Adoption - Part 1: The Legal Landscape Broken Promises: What to Do When All That is Left is the Ring The Changing Tax Landscape for Married Same-Sex Couples in Illinois The Modern-Day Prenuptial Agreement Sperm Donation and Parental Rights Building Relationships with the Extended Family Keeping a Marriage Healthy When Faced with Infertility How to Navigate through Mixed or Cross-Cultural Relationships When the Wife is the Breadwinner: Changing Household Dynamics Detect & Protect: Warning Signs of Child Abuse Dealing with Mental Illness in a Marriage: How Can Couples Avoid Divorce? Welfare Benefits: How Do They Affect Child Support Payments? A Father’s Right to Paternity Leave Child Custody Categories: What You Should Know Establishing or Disproving Paternity in Illinois Protecting Yourself: Divorce, Domestic Violence and TROs in Illinois Skipping Court: Divorce Mediation Self-Care During a Divorce Cohabitation before Marriage: Good or Bad Idea? Tax Consequences of a Divorce Deciding to Separate: What to Consider Before Divorcing The Internet and Social Media: Do They Bring Marriages Closer Together or Tear Them Apart? Child Abandonment in Illinois To Wed or Not to Wed? Protecting Your Interests When Choosing Cohabitation Over Marriage Gay Marriage: Tax Implications Divorce and Long Term Financial Planning for Your Child’s Future A Quick Guide to Adoption in Illinois Maintenance in Illinois: What Factors Help Decide? Cook County is the First to Perform Same-Sex Weddings in Illinois Online Dating: Does it Lead to More Successful Marriages and End in Less Divorce? Divorce Increases as Economy Recovers, Study Says Stock Options: Highly Valued Asset, but Whose? Celebrities and Their Support Payments: Just as Difficult as for Anyone Else Famed Musical Duo Captain and Tenille File for Divorce Oklahomans Facing Bills That Would Make Obtaining a Divorce Harder Signs to Watch Out For in Your Marriage Two New States Recognize Gay Marriage…Maybe Divorce in the News: Scandal and Confusion in the Realm of Marriage While 94 Percent of Couples Report Being Happy, 45 Percent of Marriages Still End in Divorce Garnishment Orders Must Be Very Precise, Says Illinois Supreme Court Rare Extradition for Jewish Divorce Refuser Pope Reportedly Opposed to Gay Adoption Rights Pre-nuptial Agreements: Protect Your Assets… And Your Ex Prominent Chicago Citizen Denied Appeal for Evading Divorce Judgment Two New Laws in Illinois Will Change Child Visitation and Support Four Myths about Marriage Jack White’s Divorce: Big Business and Custody Negotiations Collaborative Law and You: Divorce Can Be Less Messy…and Less Expensive Spousal Support: Offensive to Modern Society? Marriage vs. Civil Union: Why Have Both? When Living with Someone Can Cost You: Cohabitation in Illinois Same-Sex Marriage Already Having an Effect Important Things to Consider if You Are Over 50 and Considering Divorce Finally! Gay Marriage Passes In Illinois International Child Custody Disputes Illinois Cracking Down on Illegal Adoptions Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets? Survey Reveals Number of Women Cheating is Increasing Back to the Basics: Should I Pursue a "Fault" Divorce? Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and Dissolution in Illinois Grandparent Visitation Explained Broken Engagements: What happens to the ring? Gray Divorce Among America’s Baby Boomers The U.S. Domestic Partnership Registration Rule Post Divorce Life: "Nesting" Custody Arrangement Male Unemployment Increases Risk of Divorce Hesitant on Second Marriage? Consider a Cohabitation Agreement The Purpose of an Adoption Home Study Could Genes Impact Likelihood of Divorce? Legal Recourse for Domestic Violence Victims: Protective Orders Are you a Candidate for Joint Simplified Dissolution of Marriage? Protection for ‘Out-Spouses’ What is an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order? Reasons to Speak to a Divorce Lawyer Woman Wants Payment for Fertilized Eggs in Alimony Settlement Could Summer Break Lead to Divorce? Are Stepdads More Likely To Divorce? Behavior Adjustments that can Save a Marriage Avoiding a Divorce if your Spouse Cheated Illinois Cracking Down on Domestic Violence Offenders When a Guardian ad Litem Works Against You Paternity and Child Support Child Custody and Relocation How Adoptions Can Affect Estate Planning Property Division in Divorce Court Tips for Online Dating Discussing Divorce with Children Steps to a Marriage Qualified Domestic Relations Order Benefits Of Mediation In Family Matters With Elderly For Young Children, Divorce May Have Lasting Consequences New Illinois Child Support Law Avoid Facebook During Divorce Can I Get Legal Guardianship of a Disabled Adult What Constitutes Abuse? Property Division in Divorce What is the Difference Between Annulment and Divorce? Does Divorce Mean Doom for Your Business? What Exactly is Mediation? Child Custody Battles in Illinois Facebook can Help Determine your Custody Case New Bill Shakes Up Illinois Divorce Law A Prenup - The Basics When Divorce Is the Answer History Of Divorce What is a Guardian Ad Litem? Military Divorce: The Basics Estimating the Value of Your Home in a Divorce No Gender Discrimination in Alimony Factors used in Determining Child Custody Preparing for Divorce Marriage Rights may Depend on Ability to Procreate How To Proceed With An International Divorce Divorce at an Older Age Missing Illinois Children may be Victims of Child Abuse What Constitutes Domestic Violence? What Is An Annulment? Relationship With In-Laws Leads to Divorce Man Ordered to Pay $1 per Month for the 1000 Years for Child Support Woman Admits to Fatally Stabbing Her Husband International Custody Battle | Illinois Family Law Attorney Marriage Tips | Illinois Family Law Attorney Adoptive Parents Fighting For Their Cherokee Daughter New Study finds that Divorce Affects Children’s Religious Beliefs Demi Moore has Reason to File for Divorce Opponents of Gay-Marriage Protest | Illinois Family Law Attorney Boyfriend Missing Piece of Tongue After Valentine’s Spat A Breakdown on Break-Ups Differences in Alcohol Consumption May Cause Divorce Cold Feet Could Mean A Cold Marriage Two Arrested In Marriage Scam International Adoptions by American parents Continued to Fall in 2012 Running a Business with a Former Spouse Ex-CEO’s Ex-wife Sued for Divorce Monies Technology That Can Be Used Against You in a Divorce A Messy Divorce can Affect Children's Health Sex-Abuse Mandate Signed by Gov. Quinn Southern Illinois Victim’s Family Files Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Woods Reportedly Proposes to Ex-Wife Evanston Family Struggling to Keep Custody of Korean Baby Leading Cause of Death in Illinois Children is Suffocation Children are Focus of Sanders’ Divorce Hearing Expenses Post-Split To Negotiate Early Two Child Custody Mistakes Worth Avoiding NASCAR CEO's Divorce Documents made Public Divorce Filings Increase in January D is for Divorce Let’s Run Off and Get Married (Divorced) Mother-in-Law Mania Real Housewives of Miami Star files for Divorce NBA Star’s Odd Custody Battle Divorced Parents Often Trying to Prove Something Domestic Violence Victims Afraid to Get Help for Fear of Arrest Rock Stars and Divorce Hiding Assets in a Divorce is Not a Good Idea Wife Working Too Much? Study Says she may be Considering Divorce... Making It Through the Holidays After Your Divorce Collecting Unpaid Child Support What is an Order of Protection? The Challenges of Divorcing Overseas Losing Health Insurance During a Divorce Divorce’s Effect on the Economy Murder and Divorce Jessica Simpson Coping with Announcement of Parents Divorce Putting the Children First When it Comes to Decisions Made During Divorce Divorce Rate Soars for Baby Boomers IL Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Divorce for the Mentally Disabled Illinois Process for Divorce Proceedings The Shortcomings of Prenuptial Agreements Illinois Supreme Court Rules for Mentally Disabled People in Divorce Religious Views, Children, And Divorce Is Divorce Becoming Something People Celebrate? Study Uncovers Effects of Divorce on Preschoolers The Difference Between Annulment and Divorce Temporary Orders to Fill the Delay Gaps in Illinois Divorce Cases A Few Common Misconceptions About Divorce Obtaining an Original Birth Certificate in Illinois Annulment vs. Divorce: What You Need to Know New Research Finds Link between Divorce and Pre-Wedding Jitters The Divorce Domino Effect? New Wife of Peregrine CEO Files for Annulment Get Handle on Finances Before Divorcing Preparing for the Division of Property in Illinois Divorce Cases 5 Rules for Winning a Divorce Case in Illinois Getting Divorced? Be Careful What You Post About Your Ex on Facebook Bright Young Lawyer a Shining Light in his Community Time to prepare for the Holidays! Contact Naperville Office Schaumburg Office Chicago Divorce Attorneys Wheaton Divorce Lawyer Kane County Divorce Attorneys DuPage County Divorce Attorneys Elmhurst Divorce Attorney Naperville Divorce Lawyers Oak Brook Divorce Attorneys Clients Rights & Responsibilities Privacy Policy Resources & Links Disclaimer Sitemap


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